Mobile site design gets overlooked. Yet a recent report claims that 25% of people with smart phones use that phone as the main device for accessing content on-line. In the big cities that do the main business the majority of people use smart phones so we are probably talking about 15-20% of all you future clients are using a mobile phone for the main method of net access.

So why are people using small phones for big sites? Firstly business is frowning more on work time browsing, and those lost hours, people are still doing that, but it is easy to do a quick internet spree on a mobile device, and still look busy. But the foot has also been taken off the way people engage with the net, they now quickly find a few useful sites they like and use, and 90% of their internet time is spent on those sites only, and they also have functioning apps and sites designed for the mobile to do most of this. But these smartphones have just became a quality functioning device, while the screen isn’t the biggest the pixel-pitch is getting higher, and this is what counts as if you have the pixels you can view bigger content up close, and the processing (as of today the Galaxy S II has dual 1.2Ghz processors) and connections are now great for a quality web experience. All this means that people don’t need a bigger browsing experience.

I even know of a big Internet company in my city that doesn’t have mobile content, I had a meeting with these people recently and is dawned on me how the use of desktop, laptop or netbook browsing differs from mobile browsing. While most of use still use a bigger machine to do the internet with, we use this research and general product information. Then on a mobile we may be just after an address or directions of a company, a phone number to click and call – this use seems to be more tailored to the major ‘about’ links that surround the content, rather than the content that they already know. In the mobile age while content is still king, fast and simple information is a ruling queen to that king. This means that it is a good idea to design mobile websites backwards – the first thing at the top of a page should be a big ‘call us now’ button rather than having that hidden in a small corner.

I will use this article as a foundation to cover more detailed information on mobile design and content in the near future, so keep posted:

* mobile site design * mobile content & functionality * QR codes and business links

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-Mark Grant

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